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Consultor Imobiliário e Gestor de Investimentos at CENTURY 21 Azor

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DOUBLE THE POSSIBILITIES IN ONE CONSULTANT ? What if someone tells you that you can significantly increase the potential of your business and decrease the time to accomplish it? Would you accept this partnership? HOW TO ACHIEVE THESE TWO GOALS ? Choose a professional who will not be limited to local contacts only. Choose a consultant who since 2012 also works with foreign clients. Choose a person who has been working in tourism for more than 15 years and deals daily with potential buyers from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, USA, Canada and Israel. Choose a right partnership and in this way will increase the range of potential buyers for your property ! THE DECISION IS YOURS - MAKE THE BEST CHOICE Hello! My name is Alexander Plesov. Although my second name may sound unusual to most Portuguese, he doesn't speak for himself, so I'd like to share with you some of the facts of my biography. I was born in Russia in June 1985, but as a teenager my family moved to the Azores and I spent the last 18 years on the island of São Miguel, and I myself became part of the Azorean community, with which I identify more today-in-day attentive the path of my life. While the divorce rate is increasing I decided to make my contribution to combat this reality and my "dating" of more than 8 years with the ARA real estate market resulted in a commitment made to Century21 Azor. I fell in love by mistake! In fact, the passion for the management of real estate assets was born out of interest for people, the heritage and history of the Azores, cultivated by my connection to tourism and my position as a partner in the Azorean travel agency Lazorica. Although my family at the time, 18 years ago, had chosen the island of Madeira as their destination, the logistical error dictated that we come to the Azores! And the birth of a true Love for this archipelago explains that this deception could not have been happier! At this moment I am a husband and father of two kids, but also entrepreneur, business and project manager in the areas of Hospitality, AL, Catering and, of course, in the real estate market. The truth is, I never stop! How's it going? Is that all right? You're going to walk. I don't like to "walk" - I like to run! In the morning, before work; at night, after putting the kids to sleep. By the sea, on the Avenue or in the Urban Park. How's it going? Is that all right? Always running!
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