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My name is Ana Paula Ramos, I am a Real Estate Consultant at RE/MAX Vantagem Ribatejo, in what is the largest Group Portuguese in the largest International Group. This is currently one of the most sought after areas of our city for investment and for own housing. In a post-lockdown learning world, business continues to get done, probably not with the same speed, not with the same compromise, let alone the same attitude. If the idea is to move house, let's do it to be happier. In the age in which we live, the greatest challenge is our determination. There is always someone who considers buying or selling a house. If it is your case or you know someone who is interested, please contact me, I have clients who are suitably qualified to want to buy a house in this area. We know that for many, the times ahead may not be the best, there are many doubts, whether about the worsening of housing loans, the end of moratoriums, investments and many other issues that sometimes "haunt" us when making this decision. Contact me, I help!
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