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My name is Sónia Gonçalves and I am a Real Estate Consultant associated with eXp Portugal in Madeira Island. I have a degree in Public Relations and Business Communication from the Lisbon School of Social Communication. I worked at Banking for 19 years and as I always liked challenges and getting out of my comfort zone, in 2021 I decided to come to the real estate business as a consultant. For me, it was relatively easy, due to my contacts, the customer service experience, my background in Business Communication and also due to my extensive experience in the finance area that I acquired throughout my banking career. I also built my dream house and got to know many important details in the construction of houses and projects. What attracts me most in this profession, is to find the dream house, or the desired business as an investment by my clients. Make the dream come true! For my clients who wish to sell, my goal is to always sell as quickly as possible, at the best price. For this reason, I always try to have several types of properties in my portfolio, with very different characteristics, but in which I above all feel that I have good potential in the market and that I am doing a good service to my clients. When I work with clients who want to sell their properties, my criterion is always a strong relationship of trust between them, which starts with a contract so that both can work together to achieve the best possible deal. I always try not to have a very high number of properties, so that I can have the proximity with the owners that is always so desired in this type of business. With the vast majority of my clients, we ended up becoming friends and confidants, even after the end of the process. If you intend to sell or buy properties and would like to do so with a specialist in the area, please contact me. I will make the process simple and convenient. Sónia Gonçalves, eXp Portugal, Ilha da Madeira area, Real Estate Consultant
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