Inês Pina Nogueira

Real Estate Specialist at CENTURY 21 Colombo

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National reference real estate consultant, awarded since 2019, it is based on professional demand, high ethics and market knowledge, which produces solid results, year after year. Buying or selling a house in Portugal can become a long and anxious process. So it's important to have someone by our side supporting us and helping us throughout the process. It is with this sense of collaboration and mutual help that we provide advisory and access services, ensuring the best profitability in relation to the desired investment. By working with the best financial and legal experts, we ensure all the documentation and treatment of taxes, being the Client always informed of all the steps. With many years of experience as a consultant, I always look for the best deals for clients looking to invest in Portugal. The feeling that we've made a good deal makes us even happier. Our activity aims to translate for customers a proposal for global promotion in the market Portuguese. Represents international, individual and corporate clients, who rely on the team to ensure a safe investment, high quality and added value in the Portuguese.
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