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SPECIALIST IN THE LOWER CALIPHRON COAST, GUADELOUPE VALLEY AND TECATE Whether you're looking for the perfect retirement home or an investment that's within reach, in a beach lifestyle, with a cost of living less than half what it's like to live in the United States, LOW represents a unique opportunity because its proximity to the United States and Mediterranean climate, as well as artisanal culture and fabulous food make BAJA an excellent choice. I am a local who has lived the best of both worlds, I have friends and family in California and LAS VEGAS, but I also know many friends from the United States who are living happily in BAJA without any problem and happy, with homes that in California would cost double or triple, facing the beach. You can buy the house of your dreams and invest without any worries, everything is perfectly controlled by our professionals who ensure your investment, under Mexican law. Let me be your exclusive guide to our beautiful Northern Baja California. Together we will identify the properties that will allow you to successfully invest in this area growing and live your dream today. Whether you're ready to retire in the area, want to secure a place in the sun for your family to enjoy, or just want to take advantage of the investment opportunity, we can find a suitable property for your purposes, guide you through the process, and mitigate it. nuances of the purchase process in Mexico.
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