Land for sale, 13/6 1. Ayok Cd., in Çukurcaköy, Turkey

USD 100,605

TRY 1,600,000

Çukurcaköy, 13/6 1. Ayok Cd.

Plot of land • Ref: 291-3799858

GARDEN FOR SALE IN OSMANGazİ ÇUKURCA NEIGHBORHOOD FROM ELFİ The garden for sale has a cadastral and transportation route. Parsel Çukurca Neighborhood is 330 m. from the 1:1,000 Scale Application Zoning Plan boundary and 420 m. from 100 Density Housing Area (Residential Area) in Osmangazi Municipality 1:5,000 Scale Nazım Zoning Plan. The entire perimeter of the garden is surrounded by a wire fence and there are 150 fruit trees of various species. Due to the location of the land among the settlements and its proximity to these places, it can be foreseen to be converted into a residential area in the future. It is accepted to exchange apartments, businesses or shops with rental income for the garden for sale. Field, Electricity, Sewerage, Drilling- Well, Water, Road opened, Parcel, Nature, Close to main road, close to public transportation


Land2063 m²

13/6 1. Ayok Cd.