USD 22,141

MXN 450,000


Plot of land • Ref: 38629988-c3ba-4de2-8d6d-28f5c572bc3e

BUFFALOES LAS JUNTAS-TECATE MAGICAL RUSTIC LAND Tecate is the only Magical Town located on a border, it is the starting point of the Wine Route, where some of the oldest wineries in the State are located. It is the place where the world famous Tecate beer was born and where you can enjoy one of the great jewels of Baja California nature: La Rumorosa. A place where the most beautiful views of the areas of Las Juntas and Hacienda Santa Verónica are particularly private, exclusively for you!!!!  In the heart of the classic ecotourism area of Tecate, is located the Búfalos Las Juntas Tecate development, a rustic development just 20 minutes from Tecate, surrounded by large developments such as Cañadas del Sol where you can camp, jump on the zip line, horseback riding, and endless outdoor activities, where enjoying with the family is your main objective, another of the great developments is Hacienda Satan Verónica, a Spa Hotel, a natural environment, rustic facilities and cozy services, make Hacienda Santa Verónica one more place for short and long term investments. Buffaloes Las Juntas Tecate, is surrounded by great panoramic views that are enjoyed at any time, day and night, spectacular to remember forever those moments with family and friends.  In Búfalos Las Juntas Tecate is enjoyed every season of the year to the fullest as in none of the areas of Baja Califormnia for having one of the only micro climates in the country Winter: You will live the experience of seeing snow Summer: Mild weather with storms and flashes  Autumn: Live the experience of warm airs Spring: Enjoy the flowered fields Each season you will live to the fullest maintaining a place of living nature in all its splendor. Put a break to the city and enjoy fresh and pure air, flora, fauna, spectacular nights unique views where the sky is filled with color with the stars.  In Búfalos Las Juntas we give you deeds once the property is liquidated (Guaranteed)  In Búfalos Las Juntas Tecate you can buy your Eco Turística property from 1,000 m2 (Thousand Square Meters) at such an affordable price that you will not be able to resist. Learn more about this great development Búfalos Las Juntas Tecate and start investing in a safe place with great benefits for you and your family. In Búfalos Las Juntas Tecate we are ready to start your process, follow us on our social networks and learn more about this fabulous place called Búfalos Las Juntas Tecate


Land1000 m²


Convention center