Magnificent equestrian center with various facets


CHF 9,000,000


Sports facilities • Ref: 21-615-02

The Equestrian Center of Yverdon-les-Bains is looking for a passionate person to continue its activities.

Located in an equestrian zone, plot 3041 with an area of 17,880 m2 is in DDP until 7.5.2062. Plot 3043 of 90,753 m2 is made available by the city of Yverdon-les-Bains.

This equestrian center in perfect condition welcomes:
-A riding school
-A pony club
-Equestrian competitions
-A training center
-A restaurant
It currently has 10 employees including 4 apprentices

Distribution of the 110 boxes:
- Small carousel 39 boxes
- Large carousel 30 boxes
- Pony Club 4 large boxes
- Stable 1 - 22 boxes
- Stable 2 - 9 boxes
- Stable 3 - 11 boxes

Training tracks:
• Pony Club 16x20m
• Small carousel 22x42m
• Large carousel 40x80m
• Outdoor paddock 31x65m
• Parks approx. 80 of 250m²
• Showers approx. 1/10 horsepower

The building named "small merry-go-round" was built in 1980 it houses rented accommodation and a restaurant:
- 3 studios
- 4.5 pieces
- 1 restaurant with terrace
Total EL 11'120.- annual 133'440.- charges included
In the "Petit manège" building there are also:
22x42m silica sand floor
Watering by hand
East Corridor (transformed eaves):
10 terrace boxes
Integrated upholstery 8 boxes without windows
1 upholstery
West Corridor
10 terrace boxes
11 boxes without windows (3x3m)
2 upholstery
Sanitary for men and women
1 desk for monitors
And a spacious office occupied to this day by the management.

The large carousel was built in 2015 (40x80m silica sand floor with lighting)
it includes:
30 boxes
Integrated upholstery
3 showers
Sanitary facilities for men and women
A break room
A kitchen
Storage of fodder on boxes
A tribune
The podium
The Technical Room for the large merry-go-round and the rental building
Electrical opening from the roof to the ridge and the entire wall wall

The Pony Club includes:
1 container
A toilet
An office
2 large community boxes for ponies (5x9m)
1 upholstery
A dressing area
A waiting area
A lift / disabled
A carousel of 18 x 24m

Stable 1
2 corridors
11 boxes with integrated upholstery
2 showers
Storage of fodder above the boxes
Doors with automated opening at the end of the corridors

Stable 2
9 boxes with integrated upholstery
1 shower

Stable 3
6 boxes with terrace and integrated upholstery
5 boxes with integrated upholstery
1 shower

Outdoor quarry 30x65 fiber silica floor
Walkers 8 places
Lanyard round

Park each park measures 250-300m²
Surroundings 80 parks
Sheltered manure

Gas heating: radiators in the dwellings of the small carousel, on the ground in the building Hot water in each shower Boiler 1380 liters
Thermal and photovoltaic panels


Total17000 m²