Commercial for sale, Batoca, in Freixo de Espada à Cinta, Portugal

USD 1,282,098

EUR 1,200,000

Freixo de Espada à Cinta, Batoca

Farm • 6 room(s) • 4 Bed. • 2 Bath. • 166 m² • Ref: ZMPT547032

Identificação do imóvel: ZMPT547032

Fantastic investment opportunity!

This is a great opportunity to invest in Douro, benefiting simultaneously from the advantages of being close to Spain and the touristic opportunities that the Douro region offers.

Located in the Douro International Natural Park, included in the Park's Plan as one of the Quintas do Douro called Quinta das Barreiras

It covers an area of about 28,3 ha, with 2 sets of parcels:
One set by the river with a 1.5 km river front; (around 9,5 ha);and another set (in Batoca area) further away from the river and consisting essentially of vineyards with benefícios for the production of port wine and uncultivated land for expansion. (around 18,8 ha).

The area by the river consists of an orchard, olive groves, vineyards, the living area and warehouses.

This part of the farm is located in a privileged area, right on the Douro River bank, has a main house of 166 m2, and warehouses.

It is on the right bank of the river, next to Barca de Alva. It belongs to the parish of Ligares, municipality of Freixo de Espada à Cinta, district of Bragança.

Detailed description of the parcels with agricultural production and the housing area/warehouses.

Rustic area (6 individual articles in the land registry office): - 8.892 ha of legalized vineyard (according to the 2020 harvest production authorization), with an average production of about 40 barrels per year between 2015 and 2021.

Effective benefit area 7,251 ha, 6.141 ha of which are A class, and 1.110 ha B class.
Vine with designation of origin (DO-consumer wine) 1.641 ha. -

5 ha of citrus orchard (about 2,9 ha in association with olive groves) with a total of about 2000 trees in production (1.300 citrus and 700 olive trees). 4.9 ha uncultivated for vineyards. and 6.4 ha of other uncultivated land.

Housing area and warehouses - (4 individual articles in the house registry office):
- Main family house in use - U934 - facing the Douro - 165 m2 in a T4 with 2 fireplaces (dining room and 4 bedrooms), 2 WC, large balcony facing south with panoramic views of the Douro River and the mountain
(Access to the river, via orchard-in front of the main house).

This area of the farm has excellent possibilities for tourist development.

Other dwellings: - Old schist house with 67 m2 on 2 floors. - Cellar with 258 m2 with 3 wine presses and stone Lagareta. - Restored warehouses 150 m2. - Other warehouses 125 m2 and 230 m2.

- Properties at sale in Quinta das Barreiras: ( R1465 and U934, U935, U936 e U932) near the river and in the Batoca area the properties (R1550, R1558, R1601, R1603, R1604 and U600) .




Living166 m²
Land738 m²


Freixo de Espada à Cinta

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