MagnificentLy Located Land (Farm) and Farmhouse in Polonezköy

USD 5,444,438

TRY 92,000,000


Plot of land • Ref: 513540ab-f740-436b-8127-d6694540c9ef

Our portfolio is located in a great location in Polonezköy/Cumhuriyetköy, in greenery. It has a total of 3000 square meters of indoor space (houses, warehouses and barns) within 50,000 square meters of land. Suitable for various projects. School, hospital, housing, etc. Keller Williams Karma office is the Sole Authority for the marketing of the portfolio. Murat Sociable | 0530 400 2024 Vocational Qualification Certificate No: YB0073/17UY0333-5/00/316 14.10. In accordance with the Regulation on The Real Estate Trade published in the Official Gazette on 2020, real estate consultants are required to have a Certificate of Authorization and to use the Contract. Therefore, real estate presentations should be made by signing a place-showing form.