Excellent Plot of land for sale in Venado Tuerto Santa Fe Argentina

USD 1,813,592

EUR 1,710,000

Venado Tuerto

Plot of land • 430000 m² • Ref: UMCB-T3022

Excellent Plot of land for sale in Venado Tuerto Santa Fe Argentina

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Property Location

Chacra 37, Gdor. Silvestre Begnis

Venado Tuerto

Santa Fe




Property Details

This land is located opposite a development (low cost houses) built by the local Municipality. This development features electricity and sewers and the streets are paved. There is a high demand of lots to build in the city, which is an important agricultural center, located in the cereal production nucleus of Argentina. This land could be used to divide in lots. This land (chacra 37) is located in a ZEUP zone (ZONA DE URBANiZACiON PRiORiTARiA) PRiORiTY URBANiZATiON AREA


The plot co-ordinates are - coordinates -33.76335, -61.93716

This plot is not for agricultural use but to divide and sell as lots, or building a whole urbanization (or neighbourhood)

About the Area

Santa Fe is an agricultural province in northeastern Argentina. Along its eastern border flows the Parana River, a major South American waterway. Rosario, a busy river port, is home to the National Flag Memorial, commemorating Argentina's 19th-century War of independence. The capital, Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz, has a 17th-century colonial core. Both cities serve as a base for river boating and fishing excursions.

Argentina is a country in South America with a very diverse land and culture. it includes arctic regions in the south, forests, grasslands and jungle regions in the north, an Atlantic coastline on the east, and mountain regions in the west. With an area around one million square miles, Argentina is the fourth largest country in the Americas; only Canada, the USA, and Brazil are larger. it is the seventh largest country in the world. Santa Fe is a province in the northeastern part of Argentina.

Along the west of Argentina runs the Andes mountain range, forming a natural border with Chile. The Argentinean Pampas (plainlands) lie to the south of the Rio de la Plata, meeting the Atlantic Ocean to the east. They are covered by deposits of silt, loose soil, sediments, and volcanic ash. These nutrients are transported to the plains by rainfall, wind, and following successive periods of glaciation. Glaciation is a time during an ice age where glaciers will move large distances, often bringing soil nutrients along with it.

Main Features

* 430000 m2 of land for development

* Excellent location close to many amenities

* Stunning country views.

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Living430000 m²
Land430000 m²

Venado Tuerto