Sale of 471 m2 .ready to deed on a corner in Ave. Main of Camino Verde, Tijuana



Plot of land • 24 m² • Ref: 4ebe56cf-fc5d-4133-9e30-07e17a4f7579

Land for Sale on one of the Ave. Main of the Colonia Camino Verde, the property has a small construction that was used as a business by the previous owner. The location is excellent with a view to a commercial land use, since apart from being located on the main street, it is located on a corner, with San Felipe street, and with enough local traffic, located just 5 minutes from Rosas Magallon, and at a price below the high commercial value that our city has today,  without a doubt in a short time, it will be an excellent investment with the exponential growth that the city of Tijuana has today. The land is fenced, and its surface is on 2 levels, the front, on Baja California Sur Avenue, at street level, and the back at a height of approx. 2 meters above ground level, we must remember that it also has residential land use, so let's not rule out that option. In legal question, which regularly presents complex situations in our city, we find ourselves with a quite beneficial situation, since the property does not have any lien or legal process, and is in order, deeded in the name of its seller, so it could apply for bank credit, being on a paved street and having all the services. One of our recommended options, for those looking to invest in one of the best and most profitable options, real estate .....


Living24 m²
Land471 m²
Internal24 m²


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