Suitel Bosphorous Hotel, Cihangir, Beyoglu, Istanbul


İstanbul, 55 Sıraselviler Cd.

Commercial building • 1650 m²

Suitel Bosphorous Hotel Istanbul

Total Area : 1650 square meter

Price : 7.000.000 USD

The building has 8 floors and divided into three main areas;

·       Hotel

·       Performance Hall / Club

·       Restaurant / Lounge Bar


Our building is 150 meters away from the Taksim Square Metro Line. In other words the walking from the square takes approximately 5 minutes. The building doesn't have a garage however there are many garages around it. The view of Bosphorus can be seen in every floor except basement. However, the basement floor has its own garden. The restaurant has a convertible roof, so during nice weather it can be used as an open air venue. Moreover, the building has generator, water tank, elevator, fully equipped kitchen.

The Building is 150 meters away from the Taksim Square Metro Line

The Taksim Square Metro Line provides a rich options for transportation such as Ataturk Airport, Historic Peninsula and etc.

The building consist of 3 Basement Floors , a Ground Floor, 5 Normal Floors, also a roof floor with terrace.

The Total Area of the Building:

3rd Basement Floor: 16,70 m²

2nd Basement Floor:366,70 m²

1st Basement Floor: 313,90 m²

Ground Floor: 313,90 m²

1st Normal Floor: 113,20 m²

2nd Normal Floor: 105,00 m²

3rd Normal Floor:105,80m²

4th Normal Floor:107,50 m²

5th Normal Floor:107,50 m²

Roof Floor: 84,00 m²

3rd Basement floor consist of one water store. 2.Basement Floor consist of  kitchen, bar, terrace with garden.

1st Basement Floor consist of  1 office, one hall 2 rooms, 2 balconies and two bars.

Ground Floor consist of Entrance ( lobby ) , Restaurant, garden and. terrace.

1st Floor contains two rooms of the hotel and one rooms is with balcony.


Living1650 m²

55 Sıraselviler Cd., İstanbul