TRL 240,000,000

Alemdar Mahallesi

Office building • 550 m² • Ref: 307061

R e d s t o n e İ C G _ -in Istanbul Sultanahmet Square 150 years old building belongs to Nuri Kenan Pasha -The building is in a very special location with 3 facades in the Square and is the only high visibility private property -The place building is what we can call Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Sultanahmet Mosque and Million Stone's heart. With this features Its in Istanbul or more even worlds most special location -Moreover It is the only monument we can see creations in square a the same time, Its an important building cause of unstoppable Islands and Bosphorus view -Second degree historical piece "Leman Esma Kasay Han", The one who made it was one of the Sultan II. Abdulhamid's pasha called Nuri Kenan Paha in 1880. In 1972 German firm Weber fidelity made reinforced concrete renovation. -It is put up sale from Nuri Kenan Pasha's grandchild's grandchild. Its 550m2, has 2 perfect views and 2 terrace -the entrance is 85m2 and 22 meters long double-fronted store area -There is total 6 floors and every floor is 85m2 -7th floor's terrace is 25m2 -The building, which is currently using a single entrance, has a double entrance. If desired, separate entrances can be used for the shop and the upper floors. Located in the heart of √ Istanbul and adjacent to the world's most important historical landmarks, the building is 70 meters from the Moon Sophia, 30 meters from the Basilica Cistern and 100 meters from the Blue Mosque. √ The 150-year-old building belonging to Nuri Kenan Pasha in Istanbul's Sultanahmet Square √ The building is in a very special position and is the only private property of high visibility with 3 facades in the Square. √ The place where the building is located is Hagia Sophia, the Basilica Cistern, the Blue Mosque, a place that we can call the heart of the Million Stone. With these features, the building is the most special location in Istanbul and even in the world. √ It is also a very important building with the fact that it is the only monumental work where the works in the square can be seen at the same time and has an uninterrupted view of the islands and the Bosphorus. Leman Esma Kasay Han, which is a 2nd degree historical monument √, was built in 1880 by Nuri Kenan Pasha, one of the pashas of Sultan Abdülhamit II. In 1972, the German company Weber made an original reinforced concrete renage.
The work, which was put up for sale by the grandchildren of √ Nuri Kenan Pasha, has 550 square meters and 2 terraces with 2 magnificent views. √ On the ground floor, there is a double-fronted store area of 85m2 in size and a length of 22 meters √ Each floor of the total 6 floors √ 85m2 In addition, there is a terrace area of 25m2 on the 7th floor √ There is a double entrance of the building, which is currently used as a single entrance. If desired, separate entrances can be used for the shop and upper floors. √ Million Stones: As the new capital of the Eastern Roman Empire is being built as Constantinople, the Byzantine emperor Constantine not only built a large palace, hippodrome, and boulevards, but also makes another smart move by bringing the Holy Million stone from Jerusalem. Since the 4th century, when it began to be used, the place where this million stone is located has been accepted as the zero point and center of the world and has become the starting point of the ancient Roman roads. All distances are measured and mapped from this stone onwards. Until 1453, every road led to the point where this stone was, that is, to Istanbul. √ It is also because of this stone that "every road leads to Rome". CLICK HERE FOR GOOGLE STREET LINK: https://goo.gl/maps/KKMZzSMj3Y2yjCbz8 √ Redstone IGG is the sole authority. ≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈ You can contact us to sell, rent or transfer your real estate as quickly as possible. Turgay ÖZTÜRK 0532 232 03 62 | 0212 244 13 14

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Living550 m²
Total570 m²

Alemdar Mahallesi

Public transport
Town centre
Construction year1880
OrientationEast, West, South, Southeast, Southwest
Unobstructed view onCity, Sea