Otavalo, Urbanized Land Lots with All Infrastructure for Sale

Vía a Quichinche
Equipped land

These lots are located in the Parish of Quichinche, in the City of Otavalo, in the LLOLLAHUE housing development.

This real estate project has all the respective approvals and is declared under Horizontal property regime.

The project has:
Area of lots
Parking lots
Green areas
Internal road area
Sidewalk area
Communal House
1 Commercial Premises

Basic services available
Drinking water, sewage, underground facilities for electric power, irrigation water, internet access with fiber optics.

The requested price is established with an initial value of $60 per square meter, which may vary depending on the method of payment.

Lot 1             1251,33m2           $75079.80
Lot 2             1251,3 m2            $75078.00
Lot 20           1173,57m2            $70414.20
Lot 21           1168,84 m2          $70130.40
Lot 22           1070,27 m2          $64216.20
Lot 23           1263,76 m2          $75825.60
Lot 24           1259,03 m2          $75541.80
Lot 25           1239,87 m2          $74392.20


Land1251 m²

Vía a Quichinche, Otavalo

Construction year2023