House for sale in Porto Mós (Arrimal e Mendiga, Cabeça Veada)

House • 2 room(s) • 2 bed. • 2 bath. • 470 m² • ref: LT1151
House consisting of two living rooms, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen. With patio. Great opportunity. According to history, the Lugar do Arrimal, appears at the time of King D. Afonso Henriques, after having camped next to the lakes, when he arrived there, and given his liking for the place, he soon tried to have weapons and animals “arrimed” for the following days. He was curator of the annual presentation of the Colegiada de Porto de Mós. By decree of September 7, 1895, it was annexed to the municipality of Alcobaça and by decree of January 13, 1898, which restored Porto de Mós, it became part of it again. The Parish Church of Arrimal dedicated to Saint Anthony - located on Avenida de Santo António in Arrimal - was inaugurated in 1976, replacing the Old Church. In Arrimal on the way to Arrabal there is a chapel dedicated to S. João Baptista, and in the place of Alqueidão do Arrimal, another chapel invoking S. Silvestre. Arrimal, a rural village integrated into the Natural Park of Serras de Aire e Candeeiros, where there are still great signs of rurality and rural authenticity, such as donkey carts and teams of cows, essentially used in one of the main economic activities of the parish, agriculture. Currently, the stone extraction and transformation industry also plays an important role in the local economy. Marking the landscape are its beautiful lagoons, whose waters, in dry weather, are used to water and water animals. The entire parish is so interesting and beautiful that one day, Ti Paixão dedicated a poem to it “A different day”: “ARRIMAL” Good afternoon gentlemen, I am here now, Peasants or doctors, I will greet everyone. From this beautiful land of ours I will tell your story, At the top of the mountain we have the beautiful Arco da Memória, it was by D. Afonso Henriques, 1st King of Portugal. Who left us in our village a national monument. It is made of stonework five meters high, It is there night and day and its structure is beautiful. It's September 27th, that's how history goes, From 1147, the beautiful Arch of Memory. Serra de Aire and Candeeiros large national massif, To the delight of foreigners, the parish of Arrimal, Where we will visit two large lagoons within it, Beautiful flocks of grebes swim. To the west, Alcoa rises, a great son of this mountain, To drink water in Lisbon from the Alviela springs; To the north comes Lena, which connects to Liz, which never fails. Much more than being small, it bathes the Battlefields. At the East of Almonda with their mouths wide open, So many children to be born and a stepson in Alcobertas, In the Country's Natural Park there is nothing better Where we can visit the Rio Maior salt flats. Marble and stonework are thousands of tons They leave here every day to be explored From the Algarve to Minho we find shredded Daughters of this corner, the white ones with shoes on. Beggar The origin of the name of this location is not known for certain, but according to oral tradition, at the beginning of the settlement of Mendiga there were only three houses in which some beggars would have lived, giving rise to the toponym “Mendiga”. However, some historians deny this fact, stating that the town always had many inhabitants, and there were even men who helped D. Fuas Roupinho to take Porto de Mós from the Moors. It is also true that in the first edition of Couceiro, it is mentioned that D. Afonso Henriques on January 20, 1165, granted the privilege to 15 men from the region, so that they could populate the entire stretch of rough and unpopulated lands up to Minde. These villagers were forced to provide accommodation, clothing and food to walkers and beggars who passed by, as the beggar was located in a strategic position, as it was not a crossing point for a lot of traffic and people. Therefore, all this information makes it difficult to truly obtain the origin of the name “Mendiga”. Mendiga was a curate of the presentation of the Collegiate Church of S. João de Porto de Mós, having been detached in 1525 by order of the Archbishop of Lisbon, Cardinal-Infante D. Afonso. A few years later it was elevated to the category of parish. It belonged to the District of Leiria in 1839, having been integrated into the District of Porto de Mós in 1884. While the suppression of this municipality lasted, it was also annexed to the municipality of Alcobaça, from September 7, 1895 to January 13, 1898, the year that returned to the guardianship of the restored municipality of Porto de Mós, to which it still belongs today. This is how Mendiga developed, integrated into Porto de Mós, which built several monuments in honor of its favorite saints. The current main church replaced the old church, which was demolished in the early 1970s, located in the center of Mendiga and was inaugurated in 1968, with its patron saint being Julião. As for the parish church, the Igreja Velha da Mendiga, which today only remains in memory, had a very rich interior with a gilded altar, highlighting the four tile panels, representing the Last Supper, the nativity scene and some steps in the life of Saint Maria Madalena. According to reports, the image of the Saint had her eyes pierced by two bullets, from the French Invasions. Another temple recently built by the people, opened in (19….) is located in the place of Cabeça Veada, the Chapel of Our Lady of Fátima. Today Mendiga is a village that stands out in terms of the ornamental stone extraction industry, highlighting the white sidewalk, applied around the world. Standing out for its modest subsistence agriculture, Mendiga is now known for its services and equipment for the population and the offer of commercial spaces for traditional shopkeepers. It has enormous natural and scenic wealth with enormous tourist potential. Come and discover this wonder. Book your visit with LiteTime now. Don't miss this opportunity, contact us. LifeTime has a team where you can find dedicated professionals. Our conduct is based on values \u200b\u200bsuch as trust, integrity and professionalism. Our consultants are prepared to offer you an excellent service when purchasing/leasing or investing in your dreams. To do this, they have access to the best training in the real estate market, in order to identify their real needs. Our procedural management will handle the entire process, from banking simulations to documenting the deed and carrying it out. 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Living470 m²
Land474 m²
Total231 m²
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