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My goal is to help you, share value and provide you with the best Consulting in the field of Real Estate. I help you sell your Property in the shortest possible time, I help you buy a Property and invest in Real Estate. I am an Entrepreneur, Engineer and swimming expert; my passion for business and my entrepreneurial spirit made me give up my job as an Engineer to develop in the real estate sector and start my own Real Estate Agency. My focus and specialty is Real Estate Developments, I have an International Master in Real Estate Development, I have a certification in Real Estate, I have taken the training of KW University which is the #1 platform in Real Estate Training in the United States, besides that I am continually training to share real estate trends and the latest information in Real Estate. As a good Engineer in Mechatronics, I am a lover of Technology and Automation, so I implement these areas in my services, this with the intention of giving you outstanding and professional advice. If there is one thing that makes me different is the innovation of how I make my work known, contribute, listen and help; In addition to always giving you a smile, I want to convey positivism through my services and attitude in any situation, since I am a faithful believer that the good vibe spreads. I will accompany and advise you, even before the time comes to work together. Thank you for your trust and take the time to stop by!
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